Meet our lead screenwriting expert—Lori Twichell


Our lead screenwriter and industry veteran is Lori Twichell. Lori comes armed with 20+ years of book review, film marketing, page-to-screen evaluation, and screenwriting experience. She is the friend of producers, directors, and investors from throughout the industry including, but not excluded Lifetime, ABC Family, the CW, Disney, Sony, and Hallmark, and more.

A seasoned book reviewer, Lori runs Fiction Addict and co-owns Radiant Lit, both which offer book and film review services for authors and industry professionals. Through her book review service she's has also worked closely with many traditional publishers like Random House, Penguin, St. Martin’s, MacMillan, Hyperion, Zondervan, Tyndale, Multnomah and many others.


Meet our publisher and manager—Laree Lindburg


While Lori brings film and TV expertise to the table, Laree assists on the publishing side having worked in the industry since 2008. Before her sole procurement of the custom/independent publishing house Electric Moon Publishing, LLC., Laree worked with a literary agent and published devotions and articles. She has been a grant writer for a non-profit project, a technical writer for a media company, an e-book design expert for various publishing companies, and a ghostwriter, re-writer, and editor for a law firm. 

The EMoon team has assisted over 100+ clients in various stages of publishing and business development. Laree and her crew operate a full-service, custom publishing place for indie authors, ministries, and organizations.