1. Script Consulting

(Prices will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact an associate for details.)

Unlike the book world, there is no “self-publishing option” for script writers. Scripts can and are being written by authors themselves—taking his/her own book or ideas and forming these into a script to potentially pitch to producers and investors. But does the script reach the bar set by professionals? Will it meet or exceed industry standards and needs? Does the story include all elements necessary for a movie/TV series?

The team at Eclipse Scripts can help! An initial consult with a screenplay professional* includes:

  • A read-through of the entire script

  • One video conference call

  • One round of written feedback which looks for

    • build-up

    • discovery

    • theme/plot

    • genre

    • characterization

    • budget

    • AND MORE!

Add-ons include:

  • Mentoring (ushering an author through the process of applying feedback)

  • Additional rounds of feedback

    *Consulting credit is required

2. Page-to-Screen

In the current publishing climate, it would be difficult to find a hotter topic than page to screen.  This is an industry term used to describe the translation of a book into a screenplay for film or television.  Authors, publishers, agents, and marketing experts are all talking about how to get books turned into movies or television shows.  Though to the outside, the two industries go hand in hand as they both tell stories, the reality is that they run very differently.

Below are a list of basic service packages offered for scripts and books. If you don’t see what you are looking for we are willing to customize packages. ES does offer many services a la carte incuding: screenwriting, audience marketing assessment, possible outlets, query letters, one-sheet, full-pitch package, potential networks, beat sheet, etc. If you are still at a loss, most likely we have hidden talents not even listed. Please ask us if you would like assistance in a unique matter.

We look forward to working with you on turning your pages into a potential film or TV series!

PTS Packages

(Prices will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact an associate for more details.)


Opening Crawl is a term used for superimposed titles or text intended to move across/up/down/diagonally on screen. For example, the text at the beginning of Star Wars movies "crawls" up into infinity. Or, the written words “crawl" in Unforgiven.

Take advantage of a thirty-minute one on one phone call with our in-house screenwriter, Lori Twichell. Learn about the film process and how page to screen actually works. Lori will also let you know about our options for services and give recommendations for next steps.


The picture stops moving, becoming a still photograph, and holds for a period of time in order to highlight a specific desired emotion, thought or premise—the freeze frame.

During this one-hour exclusive consultation (not a webinar/class/group chat) author will have the time to pitch their book to Lori, why they are interested in an adaptation, and their goals for a translation to television or film.

The author will also have the chance to ask Lori specific questions, learn about the process and hear about potential opportunities that are being offered in the industry right now.


In the olden days of cinema, the advertisements for upcoming attractions were usually played after the end of the movie. Hence, they became known as trailers.

Author receives everything in the Freeze Frame package in addition to a written assessment on the potential of author’s book with regard to page to screen needs within the industry. This includes:

  • A full social media assessment of author’s demographics tailored to possible audience/fans.

  • Explanation of current network mandates that might fit the author’s genre/audience.

  • Outline/synopsis of potential formats for book. (Television, streaming, short form series, full film, etc.)

  • Options for potential next steps.


A sizzle reel incorporates creativity to advertise or promote a product, concept or person. The purpose is to capture attention.

Author receives everything in TRAILER package in addition to:

  • Screenwriter will read author’s book cover to cover. After reading, screenwriter will put together a foundational pitch package including:

    • One sheet synopsis

    • Marketing assessment

    • Potential networks (based on current/ever changing mandates)

When complete, the author will have an initial package they can present to an agent, manager, production company or network. If any of these entities are interested in next steps, we will work with the author to provide whatever requirements may be necessary.


An establishing shot shows us where we are. It suggests location. Often used at the beginning of a film to establish for the audience where the story takes place.

After reading your book cover to cover, the screenwriter will build a deluxe pitch package that includes everything most networks require for not only a first round of pitches, but a secondary option as well. It can be targeted to requested networks, production companies, agents, etc. This is important because every pitch is usually tweaked to meet a specific needs.

Deluxe pitch package can include but are not limited to*

  • One sheet synopsis

  • Potential pilot/film outlines

  • Marketing potential

  • Options for format/distribution

  • Social media assessment

  • Audience demographics

Many networks have different requirements for what they would need from a pitch. We will tailor the deluxe package to include needed and/or requested information.

*Eclipse Scripts reserves the right to pitch the project to networks, production companies, agents and distribution outlets. This is not a guaranteed service and there is no charge for pitching the project. Payment would be arranged via a special agreement. Further details, contracts, and information applies. Contact us for more details.

Ala carte pricing is also available for:

  • Screenwriting

  • Audience Marketing assessment  

  • Possible Outlets  

  • Query Letters  

  • One-Sheet    

  • Full pitch package 

  • Potential Networks    

  • Beat sheet